Trump’s Presidency Impacts Girls in America

Almost a month before inauguration; reality starts to sink in. On the path of making history, and maintaining sanity, America took an unexpected turn and opted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton might not have been the best choice, but she was definitely the better one. Donald Trump is a man who was accused of sexually assaulting women and has since described his outrageous comments about the matter, as ‘locker room talk.’ Donald trump is a man who has called Alicia Machado(former miss universe) ‘miss piggy’ and ‘miss housekeeping’. A man who is known for disrespecting women in a public and private forum, is set to be our nation’s 45th President.

During the election, there were many hopes and dreams that former secretary Hillary Clinton would pave the way for girls in the future, and become president. Instead, those dreams were shattered and all hope was lost once Donald Trump won the election. Many young girls depended on Clinton to open doors and break barriers that society had placed upon them. Hillary Clinton was a superhero that one could not find in comic books, a shining armor and a public figure that held much positive influence in our society. Hillary showed great bravery by running for president, and that alone, proved why so many young girls looked up to her. Hillary was brave; she was not afraid to stand up against anyone, and she was not afraid of what the media might depict her as. Many young women saw their future selves in Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 presidential election.

Make no mistake; Trump is not a threat towards women because he is a male. Trump is a threat because of the danger he poses towards women and other minorities alike. Trump is not empathetic towards women, or their values, or rights. This lack of empathy is illustrated through his stance on abortion. Donald Trump is pro-choice and plans to defund planned parenthood. He also plans to give the option of making abortion illegal, over to the states. In this case, he is clearly unaware and oblivious to the dangers and uproar that will arise from this. More importantly, he is oblivious to how this situation will impact women; disregarding the fact that it took years for women to have laws that gave them the right to choose(specifically, Roe v. Wade). Trump’s presidency will make it harder for women to receive: High-paying jobs, justice for crimes committed against them, and respect in the social and political spectrum of society.

The fact that Trump is president, shows the young girls of America 3 things: Those who are favored more in society, receive no accountability for their actions; Women are still degraded and unequal to men in society and; Even if you work hard and fight for your dreams, it will still be harder for you to accomplish those dreams, simply because you are a woman. 

A man once taken literally, rather than seriously, is set to be our President. Even if he realizes his power and influence; Donald Trump has no idea how his actions and influence have and will impact millions of girls in America.